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Complete Performance Systems with Personal In-Line Rechargeable Self Powered Monitors and

Anti-Shock Microphone Mounts for Trumpets and Saxophones and all other Brass Instruments. Wireless Self Powered Personal Monitor System.

The horn player can now have a wonderful Completely wireless tool to compete in the

 Modern amplified performing environment. Many trumpeters, trombonists and saxophonists will agree,

 there is an inherent problem when they are playing along side amplified instruments such as guitar amps, keyboard arrays or drums.

These increasingly louder and louder sounds can easily be by-passed with their

personal in-line headphone monitor as desired at the simple touch of the finger.

The Wireless Self Powered Monitor. Choose from any of the Horn Mounted

 Anti-Shock Microphones or the Music Stand and Microphone Stand Mount. products will give the

 performer a complete Microphone/Monitor experience never before offered in such a small, lightweight and convenient performing tool.

Horns and saxophones are after all are wind instruments, and they produce their sound with the expression of the air passed into the instrument,

 breath control in essential for optimum control and intonation.

The horn player can have the comfort of not having to play as hard and the ability to play with intonation, control and comfort.




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